Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Time clops on...

First apologies to those who tried the Trolls & Legends festival link I posted last time it failed. It has been 'corrected' so if still interested in what the event is about please try again. Links are funny things, I had posted another, related to the same event, that gives some info about myself and it 'disappeared'. Most strange ... so below my second and final attempt to post a link to it.

Now at the moment, I have been busy with this and that, and trying to finish off, and start, projects and it's getting a little ahead of me at the moment so apologies to any who are waiting to see 'their' commissions ... honest injun [can I write that now? if I've stepped on any toes then please forgive]. One thing that I feel is so important is to be in tune with the job [as they say] as the quality needed is always paramount where ever possible. I'd be a liar to say everything I do is my best work but I strive for it to be as good as I can manage at that moment in time and space wherever possible and, of course, where the client is happy with the result. Why am I saying this? Well, it's the reason why some jobs seem to take a little longer to complete than others ... I always want to "feel" it's right. Corny, but true.

Now one project I've recently been involved with is a film, Death ..It's A Mystery, by Martin Gooch, where I've been doing a few pieces that appear in one of the sets as background and some 'portraits' that are to be used in the opening title credits. This below is a promotion piece and the title has not yet been confirmed but I'll post more information as and when I get it.
The material for the scenes was to show the idea of pages 'torn' from a sketchbook highlighting the doodles of the inventor father. Below I've posted one of the original doodled pages and how it appears in the film.

Here are a couple of other pages also based on 'doodle' sketchbook pages, some of them are actually based on my own doodling.

So that's it for the moment, something a little different, now back to sorting out the few pieces for the exhibition in Mons.


  1. Very interesting material, Russ. :D

  2. Oh, no!
    --Fascinating. :D

    It vaguely reminds me of artwork for P. K. Dick's writings, what with all of the interlinked faces in the oozy background.

    Really draws my interest. :)