Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Interim update : back from Paris and the 'Monde du Jeu' convention.

Now, just back from Paris. Very tired. Royally treated by Sebastien of La Grimoire and his team who made my partner and I very welcome, and I met some lovely people and some very loyal fans - and did a lot of signing and drawing. I was glad to have accepted the invitation. Thanks 'guys'! and a special thank you to all those fans who especially came to say hello and shake hands with me.

Here are a couple of pictures from the event.
Myself, Olivier Roux [with his 'Russell' T shirt] and Joe Dever, fellow guest and creator and writer of the 'Lone Wolf' series.
From left to right [facing] Pierre, myself, Paul [both of whom ensured I never got 'lost' each day] and two other dedicated role-playing gamers. Apparently this game was considered curious as it was the only one played in English over the weekend - can't think why?
This was the first role-playing game I'd played in years and - the first where I didn't end up dead. Which was nice.

I'll be writing more about the event and posting more pictures over the next few days.

Update: Calific.com  now has a website 'home', and is decorated with various items of my work. Please check it out.
See: http://calific.com/index.html

Update: Kobold Quarterly Magazine is now out and is a very handsome production. Well worth catching if you're into games and role-playing.  http://www.koboldquarterly.com

Till the next time!