Thursday, 16 September 2010

Update - Monde du Jeu: Paris

Being Mr Efficiency [cough, cough] I've yet to find my camera in my bag and attempt to retrieve the pictures I took. However, others have been been able to send a few more and I'll add some of these below.
Sebastien [Le Grimoire] Angelique 'Rebel' [Manga BoyZ] and Pierre

Authors [Gabriel Feraud, Manga BoyZ], and [Joe Dever, Lone Wolf] while the poor artist slaves on...
Gun toting Manga Boyz model gets my attention, and all she wants is a little drawing
One of the things Joe Dever and I were asked to do was a presentation and talk, supported by a PowerPoint presentation about the Lone Wolf series and examples of some of my work. Not all went to plan, even though Sophie and Paul did an excellent job trying to smoothly interpret my mumblings, for not all the pictures in the presentation were shown. Below are some that were missed [or not enough time was allowed to show them of].
From the Goldhawk series by Ian Livingston

Below are two illustrations supporting a major new fantasy series by horror writer David Wellington.  He's best known for his book "Zombie Island" and his vampire series. The website will be a "multimedia-rich interactive site to support his new series, featuring maps, videos, an interactive glossary and much more".

City map for David Wellington's new project
 Below are two related pieces for First for the 'Sickly Purple Death Ray' blogspot and the second is the half page backcover for 'Marooned across Space and Time' book1 - the first installment in the forthcoming 'World of Yezmyr' series of science fantasy themed adventure modules.
Banner for the 'Sickly Purple Death Ray' Blog 

Back cover illustration for 'Marooned across Time and Space' first in a series for
Went back to my roots with this private commission, which shows a 'reworking' of the Githyanki and Githzerai who first appeared in TSR's 'The Fiend Folio'.
More to post later.