Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Trolls bits ...a little more.

Busy on stuff but felt as I've a bit of Troll material still to post I should get on with it.

Some more stuff I took with me [and thanks to those whom I met there, especially those who've posted a comment].

The first are from Fighting Fantasy 51: Island of the Undead. Originally I'd been offered FF 50:Return to Firetop Mountain, which I had looked forward to, but it was given to another instead.

 The following are from one of the Advanced FF books [posted on someone else's blog but not credited [as far as I could see] to me. So excuse quality of picture size/quality.

 These last were part of a private commission.
Right, that will hopefully do for the moment, though there are still a few bits to come....
Oops, how could I forget .... the Githyanki.