Wednesday 18 May 2011

Trolls bits ...a little more.

Busy on stuff but felt as I've a bit of Troll material still to post I should get on with it.

Some more stuff I took with me [and thanks to those whom I met there, especially those who've posted a comment].

The first are from Fighting Fantasy 51: Island of the Undead. Originally I'd been offered FF 50:Return to Firetop Mountain, which I had looked forward to, but it was given to another instead.

 The following are from one of the Advanced FF books [posted on someone else's blog but not credited [as far as I could see] to me. So excuse quality of picture size/quality.

 These last were part of a private commission.
Right, that will hopefully do for the moment, though there are still a few bits to come....
Oops, how could I forget .... the Githyanki.


  1. I've recently been replaying through Fighting Fantasy #1 on the Kindle - it has all your art in it still.

    I spent hundreds of hours playing those books at my grandmothers, and your art was a large part of that.

    These pictures are awesome! I never got to play those other books, so getting a look at what you did for them is wonderful!

  2. I would love to see a larger size image of the battle scene. It looks perfectly epic. And as always, I love the Githyanki.

    Did you have any idea what an iconic image/creature the Githyanki would become? I know that they caught my gaming groups' imagination from the moment one of us go the original Fiend Folio.

  3. Tom, If I come across the original ...I will post, or if you cannot wait ...see it in the 'reprints' of the Advanced Fighting Fantasy Series from that are coming out soon.

    As for the Githyanki, all I can say is I enjoyed creating them from the written description I was given for the Fiend Folio book, but as for their popularity ...I was not made aware by anyone except in a 'general' sense, and until some recent private commissions have never been offered the opportunity to work on them since.

  4. Nice pieces as usual Russ, thanks for posting. That Githyanki piece is lovely, classic iconic D&D creature and we have you to thank for how it looks. Take a bow Mr Nicholson. ;)

  5. I will ... in the words of Horace Horsecollar [or Goofy ....don't worry it's an age thing] Gorsh, chee, willikers ...aah shucks [said in the voice of Jimmy Stewart].

    Thank you.

    alright's very early morning, ok!?!

  6. So "nice" creatures you offer us ! Thank you Russ ! I really appreciate the first one and will seek for the FF51 without delay !
    By the way, I really regret they finally didn't ask you to work on the return to firetop mountain...

  7. Thanks, I had no 'say' in such matters, just first I was told I was to do it then it never happened. The most popular FF artist of all was, I believe, Martin McKenna [a good artist and a very nice guy] and he did it instead.

  8. Continuing to give us great work, Russ. Thank you.

  9. Martin Mc Kenna was my second choice of FF artists.Its an awful pity you did not get to illustrate more of the Fighting Fantasy Books (or am I just being greedy?)Think of all that extra Nicholson Art we would have seen!


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