Monday, 9 May 2011

Time cloppers and asides

It's at it again ...Time. Why cannot time be more like it was when I was young [sigh] and SLOW DOWN. Enough Rants. Setting aside Troll stuff and posting about a few asides.

First. My copy of the LofRP [Grindhouse edition] came this weekend and a lovely package it is, from the comments it would appear that the deluxe edition [with a pencil ....] was even better, but I cannot comment except about the production values I've seen which are excellent. Of course it also contains a few illustrations  from me, but that is by the bye. If your interested ....recommended, and I cannot fault the Swedish post which appears to function faster than our internal UK mail .....ha ha! But that may just be a time clopper illusion, or .... magic.

Other bits ... Martin [Gooch] has kindly sent me a link to a draft trailer of his new film Death which features a little bit of the work I showed in my post 'Time clops on'.

More to follow ....

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  1. Great pieces Russ, thanks for posting. Ta for the links too. ;)