Sunday, 22 May 2011

It's the 22nd and the planet is still........

If you haven't heard [or read] the world ended yesterday worry with that sort of thing is ...maybe it did. But then I've experienced it before [but that's another story].

Still, I feel the need to do something .. not much, but something to mark such a non [sorry] momentous event ... at least a volcano did explode [just in the wrong country].  Personally, I'm more concerned by the continuous deforestation especially in Brazil. But back to my little bubble, so here are a few of the sketches I did  for fans who visited me at the Le Grimoire table, while in Mons at the Troll and Legend festival, along with a few photographs I took at the time. First the photographs.
didn't manage to capture what I wanted .. the glasses which were most interesting

Everybody wanted ears ...very fetching too, but on me I'd look like a Troll

Just about to leave and we had a lovely send off!

I was asked to draw the 'Wizard' and of course it had to be from memory.... Excuse the quality but they were all drawn without preliminary pencils, though I may have added a couple of little 'tweaks' since [grin].

This last, the Githyanki, was for a new friend we met there, and also drawn from memory, but is it ....? What if .... naw, it doesn't bear thinking about. What does bear thinking about is that I've more sketches that can be posted, but only if I have requests [but that can be reversed too ... lol].

Till the next time....