Sunday, 1 May 2011

May Day [But not a cry for help]

So the days march on and all the grand plans are slightly stumped by 'losing' a piece of kit...duh. Still, several of friends present have sent some pictures of the Trolls & Legendes event, which I can at least add, plus a couple of old work examples.

The Trolls and Legendes weekend, as mentioned, was a fun affair and enjoyed by all who attended the event. Though some of the pictures appear as if few attended, trust me, at times it was hard to move, and even If I had a steady stream of people wanting a signed sketch, which I was happy to do, I had to feel for the star guest Robin Hobb.
She had a queue so long each day it seemed never ending. As she remarked during a break, normally at signings she would be at a table for one to two hours, but here it was closer to eight or more each day, [I suspect longer].  She proved a very nice lady and a pleasure to have met.
My main 'station' for signing was at the Le Grimoire table, where as part of the team I was pleased to see that they one one of the awards given out, in the different categories, at the festival.
The team Le Grimoire

The Trolls & Legends award
Here I am chatting with Olivier Joiris, one of the chief organisers of the festival
Below a couple of pictures sent of me sketching and signing and one of those said sketches.

For those interested I've added a couple of links so you can see other photographs taken at the event.

Finally, a couple of work pieces that were on display there, either in the exhibition or in the small folder I took for people to look through.

Now it's back to the drawing board ....I'm working hard [honest gov'] but trying not to 'rush' anything.


  1. Thank you, and I haven't forgotten :D

  2. Your work is brilliant.

    I know I've said the same thing before, but looking at a piece of yours I've never seen without question always draws me right into a world I'll only inhabit in my imagination. You've always been one of my biggest inspirations as an artist.

    I love the work.

  3. Hello Russ,
    the drawing you made @ "Trolls & Legendes" for my daughter:

    thank you again :)

  4. Meeting you there at "trolls et legendes" in Mons and seeing for real some of your original drawings was so just great ...
    Thank you for everythink Russ !