Thursday, 25 August 2011

Bits and pieces and some news

I have been happily, health permitting, working on various commissions of late, though the future lies in shadow, when today,I had a nice email from film maker, writer, director, and producer Martin Gooch, of Death Ltd. about progress with his film 'Death'.

You may remember I posted a couple of bits about my involvement before.

Martin would like more people to get involved, especially if they ever dreamed of being linked to a film. Think of drinking champagne at Cannes, for example, as an associate producer .... and plugging your own projects.

As he points out, 'Filmmaking is very hard in this country. The only way you can prove that you are good enough to make a movie - is to make a movie - it's a classic Catch 22.
There is no funding in this country to speak of (especially if you wish to make slightly off the wall movies like this one).
When this film is complete it could open the gateway to a whole future for everyone on the movies in doing the thing we love - making movies.
You will help us actually make a movie. And your immortality will be achieved with you name on the credits.
' So for a few pounds [if you have them :)] you can help an inspiring creative finish of his film and get involved into the bargain.
Please check out his link.

As for me, well I see some of my work up on a big screen. As well as some illustrative work for the production, I also contributed to to the films titling. See an examples below.
from the titles of the film Death.
production piece with my work included
So, their you have it for now, though apparently there will be a poster that includes work by me too. can't wait to see it.

Maps have also come to the fore of late, so here are a few, done a long time ago, for 'The Fabled Lands'.
My reworking for the last books of the original piece

These were found on the web as was the following.
Abraxas, the Lost Continent  Note: the original was huge.

Abraxas, the Lost Continent  has now been put onto Amazon as a game, which can be down loaded via kindle:

As I have no access to luxuries, [yes, I know that sounds sad], like Kindle, I cannot comment, but if you were [are a fan of The Fabled Lands] and do have kindle, do check it out. 

Finally, an oldie from White Dwarf that was linked to a Games Workshop box set.


  1. Love the Fabled Lands map's. WOW is just not enough!

  2. Great stuff! Love those maps =)

    Was the Undead image from the 'Skeleton Army' box?

  3. Yes, Tim, I believe it was ... I did artwork for a few Games Work shop boxes. Even Doctor Who many, many moons ago. Pleased you liked the maps; as I remarked, I'll post a couple more soon[ish].

  4. I don't know who you are, but I came across this Fabled Lands map in a totally unrelated search on google images for "the last book in the universe" and I thought it was amazing. Nice job!