Wednesday, 31 August 2011

A Question: To crit or not to crit ...

I have had a couple of queries over the weeks about giving advice, and one intrepid has sent me a piece to crit. I'm happy to do this [once] as I've a couple of pointers to offer, which might be of help to the artist. But, and here is the Question, do I do it with my next post, or later? Feedback please, including anything you want answered .. this is a one off offer guaranteed to not survive its sell by date. 

From the redoubtable Andy a couple more scans of my work.

Three spot pieces
Swamp Monster

So there we have it for this post ...I'll leave it to the weekend to see what comments or questions, etc. arise and [lol] assume if nothing is forthcoming to hold my crit. Be warned it could be as dry as old toast.