Wednesday, 17 August 2011

The Void came back ... keep your fingers crossed I can withhold the Shadow.

I had intended to continue my exploration of Space 'things', but have been busy with work [which is nice:)], and getting involved [boy did I wish I'd kept my mouth shut ....well....] about what I thought about the nature of the term 'drawn by' [on Facebook] in reference to something I was once involved in. Of course, my comments were in part due to it being very early morning, I was not really awake, and I failed to put my point across well. lol [Now that's true], and my leg hurt, and a magpie went past, and the clouds darkened, and ...
 ah, now, feel sorry for the boy. he he.

Anyway such is the saga of life, or as Andy said, [to paraphrase] 'What is Facebook for but to bitch!', and it's to Andy I have to thank once more for his dedicated scanning of my old work from such as White Dwarf Magazine. So, without further ado, and in no particular order, here are a few from those days of yore. It's amusing to think [see] some of them that I have no memory of, and a few look a tad 'rushed'.

What about a couple more?

So that will do for now. Thank you again Andy are a star! I need to return to the drawing board. However, back with more, if the Shadows hold of; or the frog that's hopping about my feet doesn't turn into a vampire, in just a few days.

Beware the Curse of the DSL leads to gibbering time [eat your heart out Thing].


  1. The more I see your depictions of 'normal folk' the higher I esteem your work. :)
    --Really wonderful characterisation, Russ! :D

  2. Awesomeness. :) Love your art - even better when uncolored, I guess it's a personal preference.

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  3. Amazing work as usual Russ, I got a shed load more to fling in your direction. I'll give you a break first though.Be ever fruitful in your artistic endeavours mah friend! ;)

    1. don't suppose you have copies of the art that Russ did for White Dwarf - that illustrated Stephen Donaldson's The Land book series? HIs illustration of Ur viles is still lodged in my mind when ever I re-read the books -- Would love to see the artwork again..

      PS I think I art directed Russ on several pieces for White Dwarf over the years and being a miniature sculptor would love to sculpt the Ur-viles based upon Russ's art.

      Chaz Elliott